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The Truth behind the Headlines

March 11, 2010

House Votes Against Ending Afghan War

Yes, the Roman “lawmakers” have voted to continue their occupation of a war-ravaged country who has been suffering for over 30 years now.   Yes well this is to be expected of a Godless and idolatrous empire.   Supposedly christian, these people lost the way of truth a long time ago.   And now they are blind to see the end of their rotten nation.  I guess God does work in strange ways.   Another doomed empire headed straight for the dust and ashes of history, where it belongs.   A just reward for all the death and destruction they have caused and continue to cause on a daily basis.

Europe favors gourmet tuna ban,,5340284,00.html

Yes, while the rich have enough they are not concerned about such trivial matters like food of course.   The western “civilized” folk think its perfectly fine to kill innocent human beings everyday but by God man we must save the animals.   Haven’t you heard Al Gore is Jesus and Jesus is a killing machine fighting for “democracy” throughout the world.   And telling people what they can or cant eat.  Gotta save those seals, and polar bears and tuna fish or else life as we know it will cease to exist.

Yes folks, these people actually take themselves seriously.  Funny yet sad.